'Trivium - Shogun' RELEASED!

2008-10-01 14:21:15 by SBP500


I ran and got it during the beginning of my 'One hour' lunch period. I went straight to one of the the Computer Labs, and popped it in the CD Player (where I am now). I just started listening to it, and I have no doubt of how amazing and rad it'll be, I managed to grab the last copy too!

This'll be great, I manage to get Shogun on the day after it was released, after that bell rung, I just ran straight to get it (I snuck out of class early to put my stuff in my locker). Now that I own a copy, It's just so awesome!

I could download it with FrostWire, but hell no, not on this occasion. The CD was $18, and it'll be worth every dollar.

Enough of my very happy mood, Tom Gr33n.

EDIT: Alrighty, I guess MadnessWiki is down for good. I'm actually... fine with that. Now I have more free time to do stuff that I don't do anymore. Also Simon, don't remake it, it's better dead. I'd just wish it went down more dramatic, rather then going into maintenance, then just immediately closing down.

'Trivium - Shogun' RELEASED!

Madness Day '08!

2008-09-23 21:51:18 by SBP500

YES! Madness Day 2008 was great, you can see a load of the submissions on the main page. I still feel as if Madness Day 2007 submissions were better. Submissions like You can not kill Hank and This is Madness were great! But, Redness Precision was great. I just hope Krinkels chooses wisely.

Despite that, good luck to all the submitters and their Madness Day submissions! Best of luck to you all!

And on my previous post, I mentioned something about me animating, well, I sorta 'stopped' on it, since I was bored. I'm probably going to animate some more tests before coming out with a full animation now that I have Flash CS3 Full Edition. Also, It Hurts To Listen.

Now, It's September 23th, which means... In 7 days, Trivium's new album SHOGUN will be released in stores. Hopefully I'll be able to snatch myself a copy before it's October.

EDIT: So, I saw the results of the winners, to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. The winner had some potential, but it still had many flaws. Either people are lacking in entertainment, or that the choosers were lazy.

Madness Day '08!

Another Post!?

2008-08-27 09:19:57 by SBP500

Yeah, so plenty of things these days, firstly, I deleted all my past News Posts. Why? Because several of 'em bring memories back that I wish I didn't have or will get later on. Besides, it looked all messy.

Anyways, the Outside World v2 is finished, all I need is time to convert it to a .MP3, But I forgot how to convert .AAC files to .MP3 format on iTunes (some help would be appreciated).

I also saw the Madness Combat 9 Preview, forgive me, but it wasn't all that great. The music was pretty bad (the dings made it worse), the animation faded in and out too fast, and above all, the "Hank will Return" text is pretty cheesy. I'm confident that the animation itself will turn it pretty awesome, though.

Anyways, things over here (for me) is pretty good, I caught a cold from my one of my friends, and now my throat is shot to fuck (AKA swore) and it basically burns whenever I swallow any drinks or food I get my hands on. Ugh.

EDIT: WOW. Banned from reviewing for three days? All because of this submission. All it is is a small amount of mmorpg advertisements being looped. What would YOU do in that situation?

Now, I want to play a game.

EDIT: I started working on an animation, the release date is set around sometime in 2010 - 2011, since my high school has flash, I'll be working on it in lunch breaks. No information or screenshots to be released, though. And yes, I know what I'm doing.

EDIT: We has icelandic faggots for moderators, seriously. Also, It Hurts To Listen.

Another Post!?