Madness Day '08!

2008-09-23 21:51:18 by SBP500

YES! Madness Day 2008 was great, you can see a load of the submissions on the main page. I still feel as if Madness Day 2007 submissions were better. Submissions like You can not kill Hank and This is Madness were great! But, Redness Precision was great. I just hope Krinkels chooses wisely.

Despite that, good luck to all the submitters and their Madness Day submissions! Best of luck to you all!

And on my previous post, I mentioned something about me animating, well, I sorta 'stopped' on it, since I was bored. I'm probably going to animate some more tests before coming out with a full animation now that I have Flash CS3 Full Edition. Also, It Hurts To Listen.

Now, It's September 23th, which means... In 7 days, Trivium's new album SHOGUN will be released in stores. Hopefully I'll be able to snatch myself a copy before it's October.

EDIT: So, I saw the results of the winners, to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. The winner had some potential, but it still had many flaws. Either people are lacking in entertainment, or that the choosers were lazy.

Madness Day '08!